How to Remove Google Accounts From Your Phone and Reclaim Privacy

Added your Google account to your phone and don’t want it anymore? Maybe you’ve started using a different account, never use the account anymore, or just want to quit using Google

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Whether you use Android or an iPhone, we’ll show you how to remove your Google account on your phone.

How to Remove Google Accounts on Android

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users & Accounts.
  2. Find your Google account in the list and tap it.
  3. At the bottom of the options list, tap Remove Account.
  4. Confirm that this will remove all information related to your account on your phone.

Because your Google account links to so much on your Android device, this will remove access to your contacts, photos from Google Photos, access to the Play Store, your email in Gmail, and more. It’s a good first step for going Google-free on your Android

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, but it’s not an easy transition.

How to Remove Google Accounts on iOS

Remove Google Account iPhone

  1. Head to Settings > Accounts & Passwords and tap the Gmail entry.
  2. You’ll see your Google account information here, including what’s synced. Tap Delete Account and confirm the prompt to remove it from your iPhone.

This won’t remove as much information as the same process on Android, since you probably have your information synced to your Apple ID. But it will still remove access to your Gmail, synced contacts, Google Calendar, and more.

When you remove your Google account from your phone, you’re not deleting your Google account completely

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. You can re-add your account through the same method you originally used if you change your mind. And all the information in your account is safe in your account, which you can log into from any browser.

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