How to recover my hacked Facebook account?- [100% fix]

Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Is your Facebook account locked or hacked? Are you looking to recover your hacked Facebook account? Users may lose control of their Facebook accounts for various reasons, such as lost passwords or being hacked. Here you can find information on how to recover.

Facebook is among the most prominent social networking networks, with over one billion members. It’s not simply for staying in touch with people and family. Entrepreneurs and company owners may also build community and business pages on Facebook, which provide them access to various digital tools that can help them succeed.

However, the site is free to use and publicly accessible; some bad people may get access to it to hack and take control of other accounts. When a user’s account is hacked in this way, Facebook gives several useful tools for recovering the account.

recover my facebook account hacked
Reset Facebook password

How to recover my Facebook Account Hacked?

If you’ve had your Facebook account locked or deleted (and you can’t even access it), it’s understandable that you may be asking yourself: “How can I get my Facebook account back?” If your Facebook account has been removed, it means a hacker or group of hackers has been able to gain access to your Facebook data.

Under various circumstances, users may lose control of their Facebook accounts. For example, someone can forget their Facebook username and password or lose access to the email address they used to sign up for Facebook.

Second, someone may have entered their account on another device, which is now being utilized for inappropriate social media activity. Last but not least, a malicious attacker guessing your Facebook account’s login and hacking into it would be the worst-case scenario.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no Facebook hotline to call to remedy the problem. Find out how to regain your Facebook account in the sections below.

If the User forgot Password

Recovering a Facebook account is a simple process if a person forgets their password. The user must first input their email address on the Facebook login page before clicking the ‘forget password’ link. After that, a link will be sent to the user’s registered email address, allowing them to establish a new password and login into their account.

recover my facebook account hacked
recover Facebook account with an old password.

If the User forgot Email-id

If a person forgets the email address they used to establish their Facebook account, they may still retrieve it using a different email address or a phone number. In this case, a user must first identify their account by visiting the following URL: https://facebook.com/login/identify

Once Facebook has recognized a user, it will display instructions on how to regain access to their account.

recover my facebook account hacked
Report compromised account

If you suspect some Unwanted Activities

Any undesirable behaviour detected by the user might have originated from a computer or device they had previously signed in to. In this case, Facebook users should go to the Activity Log, which can be located under Settings and Privacy (recover my Facebook Account Hacked).

Users may verify where they are logged in and log out using the three-dot menu to stop their session on that device. It’s also possible to reset the password and log out of all of your devices.

If Account is Hacked

If a Facebook user believes their account has been hacked, they can report it to Facebook at the URL: https://facebook.com/hacked. After that, a user must click “My Account Is Compromised” and fill out the rest of the information requested by Facebook.

Guys, the first thing you should do is open your email inbox and click the link in the email that Facebook provided you when someone logged in or changed your password, then follow the instructions in the email!

It works in all circumstances, even if the hacker has altered the email address or any other information.

If the hacker changes the email connected with your Facebook account, you may change it back. Facebook will send a unique link to the former email address when an email address is changed. To undo the email change and safeguard your account, follow this link.

Some Precautions

Two-factor authentication (commonly known as 2FA) entails logging in using an Android or iOS smartphone app. Following your login and password, Facebook will prompt you to enter a set of six digits produced by the program (recover my Facebook Account Hacked).

Because these numbers vary every minute, you’ll need to have your phone close by when logging in. Take a moment to enable this second-factor approach on all of your other accounts, including any banks or credit card providers that offer it, if you want to get more credit (sadly, too few do).

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