How to Make Money from Your Web Traffic in 2020

There are countless ways to generate traffic to your site. Many of these can help you gather targeted traffic from which you can build a loyal customer base. As a result, you can make money as the traffic are all qualified prospects. They are interested in your product or service offered and would be willing to part with their hard-earned cash for valuable information you provide.

But how can you leverage on this traffic to get a high conversion? With greater conversion, it simply means you would make more money with more sales. Here is what you need to do:

1. Ensure that your landing page is relevant to customers’ needs

When people click on your links, it means they are interested in what you are offering. In doing so, they are already looking forward to the end product in mind which you have promoted prior to the link. If your landing page is not aligned to this, they will leave it in a heartbeat. Make sure your page does contain the solution you talked about and that they are following through on.

2. Include a Squeeze Box

I have seen too many landing pages without an opt-in box. You might make a sale, but if you do not collect the customer’s emails, you risk losing returning prospects. By including squeeze boxes on your landing pages, you can build your list and make recurring sales with the lists.

There are tons of free solutions available for it. So, don’t let your customers go without collecting information which may help to contact them later, of course, ethically.

3. Motivate by free offers and bonuses

Which one would you rather buy – a product at $7 with no bonuses, or another one at $17 but with 3 bonuses that are useful to you? Of course, it would be the latter! Not only does it offer free products, but useful ones as well. By using this strategy, you are likely to increase your traffic to sales conversion.

These are top 3 fundamentals that any Internet Marketer should use to create a greater portion of their traffic to sales. Take advantage of them and your online income is guaranteed to increase.

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