How To Kill or Get Rid of Your Website?

Similar to how there are multiple techniques for skinning a cat, there are numerous strategies for getting rid of a website.

It is fundamentally straightforward; the first thing you must do is muster up the courage to really do it, which I believe is not an easy feat to do. People who are weak in the heart might never accomplish such a thing, which is why they end up in the seamless gutter. They don’t comprehend the situation well enough. No, it’s more than probable that they lack the necessary courage.

Your very first kill is exhilarating, it would be like a dependency, you will constantly be craving for more. Nobody gets captured since the offenders understand how to cover their tracks, they are experts and proud of it.

Here are some of the things that you can do to kill a website:

1. Subscribe to Link Farms and web rings, submit your site to free for all websites, link to banned websites.

A decent SEO Analyst knows that linking to bad sites like link farms, web rings and free for all website is very bad and could literally mean death for your website. So there you have it, one very easy way to kill a website.

2. Give away one-way outward links.

You are feeling generous, with a PageRank of 8 why wouldn’t you be? So you shout out to the whole online world that you are giving free for all one-way outward links with no “nofollow”. As the news leaks out, hundreds and maybe thousands will go to you asking for links, go on give them links, show them how generous you are. Death by hemorrhage, sure death. Before you know it, you will be needing a transfusion with all the PageRank hemorrhaging you’re doing. Will you go with a transfusion? Nope, just give it all away and before you know it, another website dead.

3. Do not update, do not submit, do nothing.

Let your website be, let it be a sitting duck, just another website. It is a slow process, the first thing that you’ll lose is your visitors, next your ranking, before you know it, you will be no one, a non-entity. It might not be death but its a fate worst than death itself.

There you go, folks, three proven methods of eliminating your site. It does not matter if you have spent countless sleepless nights thinking of what to compose nor invested hundreds and even thousands of dollars in hosting and marketing, it is your cash to burn. If you want to go on a killing spree, go on making more sites, optimize them, invest cash on them and then eliminate them. For those who enjoy their sites, take care of them and never ever do any of the above.

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