Runtime errors and generic errors like the ‘has stopped working’ message is very common in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Authorware runtime error is a common example of a difficult error to fix. You can try to fix this error manually, but it is recommended to use some sort of automated tools.

The Cause of Authorware has stopped working Runtime Error

Let’s start off what Authorware actually is. Authorware is a tool just like a flash. It also has many dependencies with flash and other Macromedia components. It enables you to use a site like YouTube and flash based games or presentations.

The number one reason why you get this error is that dependencies and shared components are corrupt. This can be caused by other software, or even by windows tools. It is hard to fix manually, but it can be done

How to fix Authorware has stopped working Runtime Error

First, we need to uninstall flash and all other Macromedia components. You can do this via the software manager in the control panel.

After you uninstalled these components, we are going to delete its temporary files, registry keys and user profiles. These are leftovers which are not removed by the normal uninstallation. You can start regedit.exe by using the windows key + r. Type regedit.exe and search for a subkey name Macromedia. Delete all keys.

This can be dangerous to perform manually, so I suggest you use an electronic registry toolkit. It can perform this procedure safely, fast and successfully because they invest a lot of money in error research.