How to Fix App Crashing in Gmail, Chrome, and other Apps on Android?

Google launched an update to Android WebView with a patch, and downloading it should return your phone to standard. Thousands of Android phone users were surprised to discover a strange occurrence on their phones the other day.

Almost all of their games were randomly crashing, driving these users insane. When the program fails, a popup appears on the phone that instructs users on how to proceed. But, much to their disappointment, none of their efforts were successful. Yahoo, Google, Chrome, Hangouts, and Call of Duty Mobile were just a handful of the applications that were crashing. People were left high and dry when the crashing started, which is unfortunate given how critical these applications are.

But then Google stepped in. It took just a few minutes to work out what was wrong, and it was corrected afterward. Google said it has resolved the bug, which it discovered was triggered by the Android WebView software, which caused many Android applications to crash on the tablet.

google app crashing fix

The tech giant released an upgrade to Android WebView that included a patch and downloading it could return your phone to normal operation. Android WebView is system software for Android that displays web pages in applications that don’t have their own built-in browser. The software makes use of Chrome to include fast previews to websites you want to open inside a similar app.

Since this is such a vital aspect of the Android scheme, Google couldn’t allow the problem to propagate. After the patch, some people are still unsure how to resolve their phone’s crashing problem.

How to fix the App crashing issue?

Well, there is one small thing you can do to resolve the app crash issue. But first, a couple of points. Make sure you’re using the most recent apps from your phone’s manufacturer. The majority of phones run Android 10, with some newer models running Android 11. Having up-to-date tech ensures that you have everything you need to apply every patch or update to your devices. Now it’s time to get down to business.

The Android WebView app has been modified, according to Google. As a result, you must first go to the Play Store, then navigate to My Apps. If you find an update for Android WebView here, install it as soon as possible. If you don’t see any changes, press the refresh button to see if there are any.

gmail chrome crashing fix

It should be able to download the upgrade. Simply upgrade the Android WebView application. 89.0.4389.105 is the most recent edition. For this patch to function, you must also upgrade Google Chrome. Google Chrome is required for Android WebView to function properly. Since Google Chrome versions differ from phone to phone, the most recent update is what you’ll find in the Google Play Store.

It is preferable to restart your phone, even if it is not needed. The patch is finally in operation, and applications like Gmail, Chrome, and Hangouts can no longer fail if anything else on the phone is working properly. According to a spokesperson for Google, India Today Tech, “We’ve fixed the WebView problem that caused some Android apps to crash for some users. The problem can now be resolved by updating Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play.”

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