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How to Fetch Huge Traffic to Your Blog

Most likely, writing “invisible” content has become a drain on your energy levels as time has gone on. You’re dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to the construction of a completely new article.

Then you go back and make any necessary modifications, which may include adding a couple of expensive stock pictures that were previously purchased. You will, however, hear nothing except crickets chirping as soon as you press the “publish” button on your computer’s keyboard.

Nobody reads it.

What a waste, do not you think?

Would you believe me if I told you that there is a way to attract literally thousands of visitors to your site in a matter of hours?

What if I told you that you could accomplish this without ever publishing a single piece of content on your blog? Would you believe me?

get huge traffic

Do you believe I’m overstating the case? You couldn’t be more wrong, to be honest. The most effective approach to bring massive quantities of traffic to your blog is guest writing, and in this piece, I’ll show you how to do it the right way.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Step 1: Find the most popular blogs in your industry

If you are struggling to come up with new content for your blog or website, it is definitely a good idea to keep up with the newest trends in your industry. You can find out which blogs are the most popular in your business by using resources such as Buzzsumo.com and Alltop.com.

Step 2: Find out the mass desire (or desires) that create your industry

What are the major desires of the market, as evidenced by their most popular content? Is it their goal to drop a few pounds? Do they wish to increase their earnings? It’s possible that they simply want to save money. Do they desire to live a more fulfilling life?

You must figure it out since your ability to generate content that assists your audience in satisfying such wants will be critical to your success as a guest blog contributor.

Step 3: Brainstorm topic ideas based on those mass desires

Once you’ve determined the main desires of your target audience, you can begin producing content concepts that revolve around those desires. You should pitch these ideas to the blogs that you discovered in step one.

Consider the following scenario: your target market’s primary desire is to lose weight. It would be OK to write headlines such as “How to lose 30 pounds in 20 minutes a day” or “13 Steps to Lose Your Belly Fat (Even if You Hate Diets)” in this particular instance.

Step 4: Contact the blog owners and tell them you’d like to publish a guest post on their sites

For your blog or website, working with other bloggers in the same niche as you are a terrific idea. Contact the blog owners you located in step 1 and share your topic ideas with them once you have a list of topics (preferably 4). How? Don’t be anything other than who you truly are. Use straightforward language.

Don’t put on airs to win favour with anyone. Tell them you’ve been following their work for a long and believe you have something to contribute to their blogs. That’s all. Most of them will gladly publish your work if your thoughts are good.

Step 5: Write an amazing author biography and link back to your blog

Don’t forget to link back to your blog in your author profile once the bloggers have given you the go-ahead. You’ll get a lot of folks clicking that link if your material is good. This is how you create a tonne of traffic in a short period of time.

That’s all there is to it.

When you’re first getting started, publishing 100 per cent of the material you create on your own website is the worst thing you can do. Instead, you should devote at least 80 per cent of your time to creating and posting material on other people’s blogs and websites. You must take advantage of their arguments in order to strengthen your own.

It’s the most logical course of action you can take. Whatever you decide, the final decision is yours.

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