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How to Exclude Retweets From Showing in Your Twitter Feed

Exclude Retweets From Showing

You can turn off retweets from individual users, but what about just getting rid of them altogether?

Blindfold’s free service makes it easy to turn off all retweets with one handy kill switch.

After you log in to Blindfold with your Twitter account, you’ll see just two buttons: Hide Retweets and Show Retweets.

All you need to do is click the Hide Retweets button and wait about 30 seconds as Blindfold works its magic. You’ll know it’s done when the Hide Retweets button returns to how it appeared when you first loaded the site.

Twitter provides a number of tools for gaining more control over your tweets. Although the company does not have an explicit option for turning off comments, there is an easy workaround. There are also options for hiding comments if you believe a certain response may cause some controversy. We’ve also spoken about how to turn off retweets from people you follow.

Exclude Retweets From Showing

When you head over to Twitter, you should no longer see any retweets in your feed. As would be expected, there are a few caveats. You can still see quote tweets like this one:

You’ll still see retweets when you go to someone’s profile. And it won’t hide promoted tweets. It also doesn’t hide liked tweets that appear in your feed.

And when you first turn the feature on, it might actually get rid of much of your feed that is older than 10 minutes, but that resolves itself over time. That may be a small price to pay to get retweets turned off no matter how you access Twitter.

exclude retweets from showing
Exclude Retweets From Showing

Because Blindfold taps right into your account, unlike most browser extensions, retweets are turned off wherever you access Twitter – through a browser or mobile app.

If you’re looking for more ways to tailor Twitter, there are plenty of Chrome extensions to improve your Twitter experience.

It’s easy to lose track of time scrolling through your Twitter feed without having to wade through tweets from individuals you don’t follow. Yes, we’re discussing the retweet. You may retweet someone else’s tweet and have it appear on your own profile. It’s ideal for sharing your favourite tweets.

If someone you follow, on the other hand, retweets everything they see – and not much of it is fascinating – you may mute their retweets and just view the original material.

You won’t be able to turn off all retweets at once; instead, you’ll have to silence each account separately.

Twitter treats native retweets the same way as original retweets in the background. When you use the API to get a native retweet, you’ll see that the full text starts with “RT @username.” As a result, we can utilise this phrase to filter them out.

On Monday, Twitter reminded users that it had solved the age-old problem of otherwise important accounts retweeting garbage into your timeline.

That’s “turn off retweets,” an option that allows you to view all of a person’s tweets but not their retweets. (Exclude Retweets From Showing)

  • Step 1: At the bottom of each tweet you draught, you’ll see an option that says, “Everyone can react.” All you have to do is tap on it. This option informs Twitter about all of the people who can respond to your tweet.
  • Step 2: After that, Twitter will present you with three options: “Everyone,” “Individuals you Follow,” and “Only people you mention.” These are self-explanatory and accomplish what they claim.
  • Step 3: Choose one of these alternatives, and you’re ready to go.

“You can turn off Retweets if you appreciate an account’s Tweets but don’t want to see their Retweets,” reads Twitter’s Monday reminder. “Go to the profile page, hit the ” button, then ‘Turn off Retweets.'”

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