How to Connect to a Custom CSGO Server?

Connecting to a custom CSGO server is an essential skill for those who are interested in the game’s competitive scene.

The game can be played on both public and private servers, with custom servers being an increasingly popular choice among players. Running a custom CSGO server comes with several advantages, including full control over gameplay settings and customization options. However, setting up a custom CSGO server requires technical expertise and knowledge of virtual machines.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of connecting to a custom CSGO server.

Connect Using Console

You may also connect to your server using the CS: GO console by providing its IP address; to do this, you must first activate the Developer Console.

To open the console, press the key. This key is often found in the upper left corner of keyboards adjacent to the number 1.

Enter the command connect [ServerIP] from the console or connect [ServerIP]; password [ServerPassword] if a password has been provided, and then click Submit.

Your CS:GO server connection has been established.

type connect (ip address) then hit enter - connect a custom csgo server
How to Connect to a Custom CSGO Server? 1

To find a list of CSGO servers, visit here Gametracker, and connect by copying the IP Address.

Using Community List inside the Game

If your server is enabled to be publicly available, you may also locate it using the community search list. Most likely, you’ll invite pals to join using this technique.

From the main menu, launch CS:GO.

Visit Community Server Browser.

Now look up your server using the pre-defined Tags, choose your server, and click Connect.

Your CS:GO server connection has been established.

The server will show up in the favourites section of the community server browser when you add it to your favourites.

There are two ways to do that. You may write “connect” in the console window of the game, where is your IP address and port number. For this option to function, the console must be turned on. Typically, you do this by pressing the tilde () key after pressing escape to access the menu.

Alternatively, you may use Steam to add the server to your favourites from within or outside the game. This is done by opening the server window, selecting the Add A Server button, and entering the server address so that it stays in the window at all times.

choose community server

CSGO Server on LAN

To connect to a custom CSGO server on LAN, the first step is to ensure that all players are connected to the same network. Once this is done, one player needs to set up the server using either the dedicated server tool provided by Valve or a third-party tool like Gameye. The player setting up the server will need to configure game settings such as map rotation and game modes before starting up the server.

Once the server is running, other players can connect by opening their console in-game and typing in “connect [server IP address]” followed by pressing enter. It’s important for players to make sure they have no firewalls blocking incoming connections from other devices on their LAN network.

Playing on a custom CSGO server on LAN allows for greater control over game settings and can be an enjoyable experience for groups of friends looking for a private gaming session. It also eliminates issues with internet connectivity and provides lower latency which leads to smoother gameplay.

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