How to Change the Alarm Volume On Your Google Home

Google Home (GH) is a brand of smart speakers developed by Google. The devices enable users to speak voice commands to interact with services through Google Assistant, the company’s virtual assistant. Both in-house and third-party services are integrated, allowing users to listen to music, control playback of videos or photos, or receive news updates entirely by voice. GH devices also have integrated support for home automation, letting users control smart home appliances with their voice. The first GH device was released in the United States in November 2016, with subsequent product releases globally from 2017–2019.

If you want to adjust the volume on your Google Home, you can just swipe along the touch-sensitive top of the device to turn the volume up or down. However, alarms use a different volume level. To adjust that, you’ll need to open up the Google Home app on your phone.


Alarm volume is a separate setting on Google-Home because, presumably, you don’t want to miss your alarms just because you turned the music down. If you need to adjust the volume of your alarms, open up the Google Home app and tap the Devices button in the top right corner.

  • Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Google Home device.
  • Scroll down to find your Google Home in the device list. Tap the three-dot menu button and choose Settings.
  • Under Device Info, tap “Alarms & timers.”
  • If you have any active alarms, you’ll see them at the top. After that, there’s a volume slider.
  • Adjust the slider up or down to your desired volume.
  • Now your alarms should be louder (or quieter), regardless of the master volume on your GH.

I hope this solution helps you.


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