How to acquire an Inactive Twitter Username

Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your Brand Influence? Do you want to acquire an Inactive Twitter Username for your Brand? Well, you have arrived at the correct place. Today, we will discuss how to acquire an Inactive or Suspended Username.

One might be tired of seeing this – “This username is already taken!“.

Because there were fewer accounts before, it was easier for anyone to acquire any username they desired. However, as Twitter’s popularity has grown, getting a username on the first try has become nearly impossible (unless it is a weird combination of letters and digits).

Worse, some of these accounts have been purchased by persons who are no anymore active on Twitter. For the previous six months, there has been no activity reported from these accounts. That doesn’t mean their accounts will be suspended or their usernames made public. You can’t use their usernames even if the account has been dormant for a long period.

Attempting to claim an inactive Twitter profile necessitates a series of tries and errors, with some successful and others failing.

A Twitter account that has been dormant for six months or longer is considered inactive. However, there is a distinction to be made between an inactive Twitter account and a Twitter account with no activity.

how to acquire an inactive twitter username

Even if a user checks in to their Twitter account but does not do anything, it is still considered active. If there isn’t a login attempt on that Twitter account, it’s merely an inactive account.

We’ll look at some of the measures you may take if you suspect an account is inactive in this post.

How to acquire an Inactive Twitter Username?

You may utilize Circleboom to locate inactive users if you want to be sure an account is dormant. After you’ve followed the account, you may use Circleboom to see if it’s active or not.

Initiate contact with the owner of the inactive Twitter account

This would be the simplest way to acquire a Twitter account without using Twitter.

The first step is to send a message to the Twitter account’s owner. On the other hand, getting a reaction from the Twitter owner would be difficult.

Try a few times, and see if you can discover the individual by searching for the same username on Instagram, Facebook, or Google.

Contact the individual and see if they are eager to offer the username for a price that is reasonable for both of you.

Report that account to Twitter

Log into your account at https://support.twitter.com/forms/impersonation.

“An account is impersonating me or someone else,” select that option.

“I am being impersonated” should be chosen.

The following choices will open a new form after being chosen.

Enter the necessary information following, including your email address, the username of the account you are reporting, and a statement outlining your position on the release of the Twitter username.

Next, submit a copy of a current, government-issued picture ID, such as a passport or driver’s licence. We just use your ID to verify your identity. Click the “Submit” button.

acquire an inactive twitter username

That’s all; you will hear back from Twitter support on your request within 24 hours. If they approve your request, then you can acquire an Inactive Twitter Username and use it.

Create a Similar UserName

Therefore, it may seem obvious to you since you may have previously thought about it. However, it is important to note. Your final resort is to select a similar username if none of the abovementioned approaches worked for you.

To get your name as near the target’s username as possible, simply add an underscore or a dot. You won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of reporting impersonation or other problems.

You might also take advantage of this by following your username with your company name. It represents your brand in the best possible way.

Create your Personal Account

To brush up on your current account, you must do some preparations. Use your true name, write a thorough bio, post profile and background photos, include your website and any other necessary details, and make sure you are active on the platform.

This will demonstrate unequivocally that you intend to actively utilise the handle you are claiming rather than give it up. In a few days, you may obtain that inactive username. However, it’s also feasible that it’ll take a few years.

You will first get an auto-reply. You might not get the wonderful email right away! Therefore, keep reporting those reports and stay persistent!

Analyze the Possibility

Remember that obtaining an active account is far harder than obtaining an inactive one. You can do the following things to improve your chances of receiving the desired username:

  • It was made a long time ago.
  • It lacks a profile picture.
  • Has a negligible or small number of followers
  • Has either no tweets or extremely old tweets
  • You have the exact same TLD domain (.co or .com)
  • The usernames you use on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites are precisely the same.
old twitter account - acquire an inactive twitter username
Old Twitter account

You have a good chance of being able to claim a dormant account if it checks off these criteria. There is always some possibility to acquire an Inactive Twitter Username; check these conditions.

Await the Twitter cleanup

There is a risk that Twitter will delete an inactive account automatically if it has been idle for a while without your intervention. So, check to see whether anything has been taken down on their account. You can use a somewhat modified username till then. This approach, however, offers no guarantees. The account might possibly go years without posting anything to Twitter.

You might always attempt to think of another username if you can’t acquire the one you want. But by acquiring your preferred profile URL, you may have a handle that looks more professional and maintain a consistent personal brand across all of your social media accounts. After securing your Twitter account, you might want to think about securing your username on other networks (like Instagram or Facebook) as well so you can beat out other users.

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