Google’s Chrome Updater is not performing well for Mac Users

There has been various controversy regarding Google’s Chrome performance on Mac. Some reported that their Mac is working slow and it might install a keystone which could be a malware.

Loren tweeted about such thing. And he helped in building the graphics pipeline for the original iPhone. And also created a game Letterpress.


In Google’s background updater, the Keystone hides from Activity Monitor and shows only when it’s actively updating Chrome. Loren said that the process might go wrong before Keystone shows up in Activity Monitor.

Some even reported Keystone ‘evil’ way in 2009 when it was launched on Google Earth. And other websites have reported on a problem with it. Google, a web-based ad company, might have different priorities than Apple.

Chrome always dominated the Internet Explorer into the browser and even other browsers like Safari. Keystone shows up in Activity Monitor for periodic checks and updates, but it cause WindowServer to thrash without or before even it shows up. And because of this Keystone, WindowServer is thrashing.

To fix this issue for Mac users, follow these step:

  1. Go to /Application Folder and move chrome to Trash
  2. Go to menu (at the top of screen ) and then click, “Go to Folder..”
  3. Type /Library and hit enter
  4. Check for folder: LaunchAgents, Application Support, Caches, Preferences. And delete all the Google folder, anything which starts with com.google, and com.google.keystone.
  5. Go to Folder again
  6. Type ~/Library and hit enter
  7. Again repeat the above process and empty the trash, and restart your computer.

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