Google reveals about the DATA which it collects in Gmail for free

Months after Apple launched the App Store with Privacy Stickers.
Finally, Google has modified the data it gathers to make sure you are able to use the popular e-mail service.

Since December 8, 2020, Apple has required Privacy Labels on all iOS applications to allow understanding for end-users how an app captures, processes and connects your personal data.

The new YouTube iOS app was just updated by Google to incorporate Privacy Labels. The next update is Gmail. However, Google also has to have privacy information for big applications such as Google Photos, Drive, and Google Maps.

Google’s personal details will be obtained if you have the Gmail app on your iPhone. This is a lengthy list that also requires e-mail access. The privacy settings for Android apps are identical to those of the policies.

google collect reveals the data it collects through gmail

A full list of personal information obtained by Google from Gmail users is given below. Do notice that Gmail is not a corporate account for personal use. Companies paying to Google Workspace have different rules than a free account.

Data that is collected and used to track you for third-party advertising

These are data that can be used to track you through third-party advertisement applications and website operated by other firms: correct location details, user ID, to identify your computer and to connect your information and advertising page according to consumption.

Data that is collected for analytics

Google is gathering this information in the fields of research such as: purchase history, coarser locations, email address, images or videos, audio files, other user content, search history, user identity, system ID and user ID (not mentioned).

Data that is collected to personalise Gmail for you and for app functionality

The information gathered is for product personalization and the use of the app. The data are addresses, coarse location, e-mail, email or text messages, photos or videos, audio data, other user content, the search history, user ID and system ID (not mentioned).

How to check which app is collecting what data about you?

Apple has made it possible to see what kind of data is being processed in the iOS app. You should easily visit the App Store and look for the app. To learn more, simply scroll down to the Privacy area. Simply open the App Store page on every PC if you don’t have an iPhone and check for the app on the website to get the privacy details.

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