Google Play Music Data Will Be Deleted on February 24

Google Play Music has shut down, but the library can still be accessed or converted to YouTube Music. In December 2020, the music-streaming site officially stopped operating for consumers.

Users have until February 24, 2021, to copy, move, or uninstall their data from Google Play Music, according to a study by 9to5Google, in which everything will be wiped out.

Google encourages consumers to move YouTube Songs to its other music streaming service before the date referred to above. To see the Move to YouTube prompt, users can visit music.google.com or the Android or iOS app.


They will be sent to YouTube Audio, where the conversion will take place. The switch involves playlists, videos, records, likes, transactions for upload, and details for billing. There is also a Handle Your Music option available here.

You can download your library of music, delete your history of suggestions, or even delete the entire library of Google Play Songs. You will be redirected to Google Takeout, from where you can export a copy of your Google Play Music files, if you want to import your music library.

In October last year, Google began the process of shutting down Google Play Audio. It formally shut down in December, and users were urged to turn to YouTube Music.

Google has kept the music and user details on Google Play Music till now, but this will be removed on February 24. Google, meanwhile, has been pushing out some new YouTube Music features to enable people to make the move.

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