Google Meet introduces a new feature in creating meetings: Current meeting

Over the past year, Google Meet has been increasingly evolving to satisfy the millions of people who have migrated from home to (and, in many cases, are still) employed.

Recently, the service has added several new innovations, and now Google makes it simpler than ever to build a call. Formerly, it involved making a nickname (or enabling Google to produce one for you) to create a Google Meet conference, so it would send you a connection you could share with others.

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Current meeting

Google is now speeding up this phase on with a tweaked GUI. Three options are now available by pressing the ‘Current meeting’ button: build a meeting for later, initiate a call now, or arrange a meeting in the Calendar.

The new GUI could save you at least a few taps, based on how you use Google Meet most frequently. The updates are now being introduced on all G Suite/Google Workspace profiles and private Email accounts.

Google Meet offers several innovative features to provide educators and school students with an improved experience. The business says that G Suite for Education is currently used globally by more than 140 million educators and students. The new functionality will help educators promote moderation and interaction in distant or blended environments of learning.

The company also launched new moderation tools for G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Industry users to make meetings safer. These new features would provide more control over how to run the interactive classes to educators. The functionality will start rolling out to related subscribers later in the year, Google says.

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