Google is going to Fully Shutdown Play Music around the world

It may sound unpleasing but Google Play Music is now officially going to be closed for all users. In October, they announced about shutting down its streaming services, but now they have taken a bold decision.

Google Play Music is now no longer available in the Android and iOS marketplace (Play Store or Apple Store), not even on music.google.com. They simply redirect you toward YouTube Music.

Reason behind the closing of Google Play Music?

Google play music no longer available

The main reason behind this is the transition from Play Music to YouTube Music, through some new rich UI (User Interface) experience.

YouTube Music, will contain a much better recommendation, awesome playlist selection, uploaded content music. And a better tool to transfer music.

This transition from Google Play to YouTube Music might affect some users till the end of the month. But the replacement might worth it. Google has planned some innovation for YouTube music.

google play music

Some new features like Quick Pick Carousel to generate a radio station and activity bar for customizing Home Feed Recommendation Background Play on Android TV and upload access. Even Play music or video from the playlist of YouTube service.

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