Google Have Mandate the Two-Step Verification for all Users

Google revealed on Thursday that if users’ accounts are properly installed, it would begin automatically enrolling them in two-step authentication.

Google will begin enrolling users in two-factor authentication by default in an effort to improve device protection and privacy. Enabling two-factor authentication on your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google accounts is the only way to defend yourself from phishing attacks. If users’ accounts are properly installed, Google will automatically enroll them in two-step authentication.

Users will have to take two moves to sign up to their Google accounts, according to a blog post published by Google on Thursday. ‚ÄúToday, we ask users who have signed up for two-step authentication (2SV) to ensure it’s really them by tapping a Google prompt on their phone any time they log in.

If users’ accounts are properly installed, we’ll start enrolling them in 2SV automatically soon. (You can use our Security Checkup to see how your account is doing.) In a Google blog post, Mark Risher, Director of Product Management, said, “Using their mobile device to sign in offers users a better and more reliable authentication experience than passwords alone.”

Google needs more people to sign up for the two-step authentication process in honour of World Password Day. Google will begin issuing enrollment reminders to its two billion Gmail customers, but it will quickly begin connecting users to the two-step authentication process.

If you enable this, anybody with physical access to your laptop will be able to log in to your Google accounts. And if the individual has your username and password, he will be unable to access your account. You will receive a code on your phone via SMS, voice message, or the Google app when you sign in to your Gmail account and enroll for the 2SV.

In the biog, Google also stated that it has integrated security keys directly into Android devices and released our Google Smart Lock app for iOS, allowing users to use their phones as a secondary method of authentication.

Since most users use the same password for all of their accounts, Google wishes to remove the use of passwords entirely. However, Google’s recently released features such as Password Import, Password Manager, and Security Checkup would help to reduce the distribution of passwords across the internet.

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