Google has introduced a new feature to break the language barrier in India

Google always tries to make the web more useful. For language translation, it becomes necessary for some Indian users to read in their own native language. Now, Google has taken a step up to create Multilingual Language Support, through an AI model known as MuRIL(Multilingual Representations for Indian Languages).

For better understanding, the languages and Communication, especially for Indian people, this AI model is deployed and is open-source for further research and improvement. This is available to download via TensorFlow Hub for free.

indian-languages by google india

In addition to Hindi and English, Google Search will also be available in more Indian languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, and Marathi. Four years after the Hindi tab was introduced new language tabs were added, which led to a 10-fold rise in Hindi queries in the region.

In addition, users would be able to see search results in Indian languages on Google, making it easier for individuals to browse content in their chosen language, even though the query is typed in English. Five local languages are supported by the function, including Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu. Without the need to adjust phone settings, Google will now encourage users to set the default language for its applications.

The functionality is available for Google Assistant and Explore at the moment. Google Maps also provides the option to pick an Indian language, allowing users to choose each of the nine local languages through the System Language feature in the Settings section.


It will also be available in Google Lens, which will help users, especially students and parents in solving problems like maths questions by scanning through the lens. And then it can be searched through the search bar of the Google App.

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