Google Go has crossed 500-million Downloads on the Play Store

Google Go is a small, quick app that allows you to access information both online and in the real world, even if your internet connection is shaky. It accomplishes this by using less room and memory, allowing your phone to remain responsive. Since 2017, Google Go has been released in a few countries and on Android (Go edition) smartphones, and it is now available globally on the Play Store.

Millions of people have now used Google Go to scan the internet for details and make sense of their surroundings. However, we are aware that people all over the world struggle with sporadic internet access, phone storage, and reading or decoding text.

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Despite being developed for low-end mobile hardware and mostly for consumers in developing markets, Google Go has now crossed the 500-million-download milestone on the Google Play Store.

Although Gallery Go was initially only available on Android Go-powered smartphones, it was finally made available on the Google Play Store in late 2019. It was designed to be a substitute for the dedicated Google app, which is itself a simpler version of Chrome. According to Android Police, it has reached 500 million downloads since then.

Since installing Google Go and using it for a bit, the whole experience seems like it will be better fit for lower-end mobile hardware, where the screen size and output aren’t just as good as a mid- ranger’s. With recent search words in an easy-to-access section of your window, Google Go’s bottom search bar is a victory. Maybe in the immediate future, we’ll be able to move the search bar in the full Google app?

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Google Go is a very quick download on almost every computer, at just 7MB. It works well, and if you’re feeling surfing “fatigue,” the solo tab search might be able to help you concentrate more efficiently than Chrome or another dedicated browser. You can download Google Go directly from the Google Play Store.

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