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Google Finally Revealed the reason behind its service Outage for 45 minutes

If you remember a few days ago, a global outage of Google services happened in many regions. This majorly includes Gmail, Google Calendar, and YouTube. Google search was also affected during this operation.

According to Google, they were trying a feature to identify how many people were online in their system, or we can say, they were testing the feature to track logged-in users. Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc, has various tools to measure the data. When the company started to move their system to the new file storage system, this resulted in a sudden boom of service outage for around 47 minutes. Google said that it was a rare technical fault.

google outage

In one of the Google blogs, they said, “To control the quota of different resources available for programs, Google uses an emerging suite of automation tools. A move was made in October to register the User ID Service with the current quota system as part of the continuing conversion of the User ID Service to a new quota system, but portions of the former quota system were left in place that wrongly recorded the use of the User ID Service as 0.

The effect, which ultimately expired, was postponed by an established grace period for imposing quota limits, causing automatic quota systems to decrease the quota permitted for the User ID service and activating this incident. There are current safety checks to deter certain accidental adjustments in the cap, but at the time they did not cover the zero recorded load situation for a single operation.

In simple words, the root cause for this error was the company’s internal tool, which failed to allocate enough storage space to handle the user’s requests. Which resulted in a system crash, just like a computer does when the hard disk becomes full.

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