Google Chrome now allows Tab Grouping on Android

Tab Grouping

A new update for Chrome on Android was announced by Google that allows users to open tabs on a grid instead of stacked cards. Along with this, when you have more than a couple of them open, the software now also has the option to group tabs.

Tab groups are one of the better Chrome desktop features available. Now available on Android, what you need to know about tab grouping on Chrome is here.

How to get the new grid layout

For example, the new tab interface is supported on every Android device that already uses Chrome. According to a 9to5Google post, if you upgrade to the newest version of Chrome and still can’t see the new interface, you can allow it manually in a browser tab by moving over to ‘chrome:/flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout’ After this, to get the latest layout to stay, you would actually have to restart the app twice.

How to group tabs together

Users are able to drag tabs and position them on top of each other to create groups until the new layout is up and running, similar to how applications on Android home screens can be put on top of each other to create directories.

group tabs on google
Google Chrome now allows Tab Grouping on Android 1

If you don’t drag and drop, Chrome will launch new tabs in groups when you connect to a new website in a new tab. As a result, any other tabs that open while you are on one page will also open in the same community. Comparison shopping on Amazon, for example, is made a lot easier with this.

However, Chrome’s desktop implementation is missing a number of features, like the ability to rename tab classes and apply custom colours to them. It’s possible that Google may introduce these features to Chrome mobile in the near future.

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