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Google Chrome, Firefox, Other Browsers Impacted by this Malware Campaign

In the recent announcement of Microsoft, newly recorded hundreds of thousands of Adrozek malware have been reported globally. Microsoft has tracked around 159 unique domains and around 17300 unique URLs. It results in 15,300 polymorphic malware samples.

What will happen with this Malware?

Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other web browsers are going to be affected by this Malware. This Malware Campaign is designed in such a way that it will inject ads into your search result!

Not only this, it might add some Malware Extension on your Web Browser. More than 30,000 devices are being targeted every day by this Malware Campaign.

When this Malware was first reported?

Adrozek Malware was first reported in May 2020. But a large number of attacks were discovered in August. This number is still growing, as more and more web browsers are being targeted.

How is this Malware different from others ?

Adrozek Malware silently adds malicious extensions in the user’s web browser. By changing the browser’s setting, it adds different types of Ads into webpages of search engines.

It can hamper Web Security control by modifying DLL per target browser like MsEdge.dll for Microsoft Edge, leaving user’s privacy and security vulnerable to attacks. The malicious script establishes a connection with the server and fetches additional script which shows advertisement into search results.

How to prevent your PC from Adrozek Malware attack?

Currently, Microsoft suggested installing an antivirus solution like Microsoft Defender, which has built-in endpoint protection. In the latest update of Virus Definition, it detects to block malware in the future.

It’s better to avoid installing any malicious extension, or software, as it may trigger this type of malware. Keep using Microsoft Defender and some other reputed Antivirus.

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