Game of Thrones dictionary: A beginners’ guide

Even when you’ve never seen Game of Thrones, we very much doubt you’ve been able to avoid the massive hype around time seven and the possibility of FOUR spinoffs to return afterwards.

But even the most die hard of supporters has to acknowledge you can find times once you wonder what the real heck the people are going on about. Because Recreation of Thrones essentially has its own language. So whether you’re not used to the display or just require a refresher, here is an A-Z of Thrones terms which may be confusing you.


Aerys Targaryen

Also known as “The Mad King”. He was basically the catalyst for the GoT universe. Because of this of his dropping of marbles, a civil war began and his death (at the hands of 1 of their own Master’s Guard) resulted in Robert Baratheon handling the Seven Kingdoms. watch game of thrones season 7

The Mad King’s surviving offspring can make a bet for the throne against an entire selection of other figures, so you best know who he’s if you should be likely to realize any family trees.

Blackfyre Rebellion

Among quite a few efforts to dethrone the Targaryens in the years before the show’s chronology.


Not to be confused with ravens, which are an easy method of communication. “Crow” can be a derogatory term utilized by Wildlings (we’ll arrive at them) to describe the men of the Night’s View (we’ll get to them, too… Have patience) because of the all-black attire.


Somewhat larger than your common wolf, these creatures are unusual to the point of fantasy, highly intelligent and very loyal, fighting any threat to their owners or their master’s friends.

The six Stark (ruling category of the North) children possess a direwolf each once they found a dead female direwolf and adopted her litter. Each hair has preserved its grasp at least once. If you were to have any pet, you’d need one of these simple.

Doom, The

A strange, cataclysmic event in GoT prehistory that saw all the volcanos surrounding historical Valyria evolve simultaneously, causing the entire area – and its own gathered information and skill – to sink into the sea.


Horselords of the east. They travel in hordes, rape and pillage and demand tribute from your “lamb men” who live in cities. Nearly feminists.

Eunuch (yew-nick)

Means the identical in acquired as it does everywhere else, but itis important for just two reasons: the foremost is that Varys, the Master Of Whisperers, is one. He’s an uncertain sort of person.

The other is the fact that Daenerys’ army of Unsullied (see below) are eunuchs. Less distractions, is the concept.

Faceless Men

A religious group based in Braavos who perform as assassins for hire due to their ability to adjust their faces at will. They worship the many-faced god: death.

Faith of the Seven

The main religion within the Seven Kingdoms (except within the North), based on the notion that there is one god with seven factors. The seven faces are designed to represent different aspects of life, and they’re generally described inside the series, usually by borderline insane people.


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