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How to Fix Security Lockout on iPhone? 6 Ways to Unlock

This may happen often and you accidentally Lock your iPhone. But don’t worry, today we will talk about how to fix Security Lockout on iPhone with 6 Ways! You can unlock your iPhone with or without a Computer. You can try these 6 easy methods to get rid of Security Lock.

Before iOS 15.2 version, You may get this message, “iPhone is Unavailable. Try again in 15 minutes”, when you have entered the wrong password multiple times. Even after 15 minutes, if you try to enter the wrong password, again and again, your iPhone will be locked permanently, so don’t just randomly try.

After iOS 15.2 version, if you try 6 incorrect passwords in a row, you will get a message, “Security Lockout, Try again in 1 minute”. After 1 minute, if you again entered the wrong password, you will get a message, “Security Lockout, Try again in 5 minutes”. If again you have entered wrong then you will get 15 minutes Security Lockout on your iPhone.

After an unsuccessful password in a row, you will continue to receive the message, “Security Lockout Try again in 15 minutes ” and then 1 hour. Let us understand why you get this Security Lockout message on your iPhone and why it is necessary.

how to fix security lockout on iphone 6 ways to unlock

What is Security Lockout on iPhone? I am locked out of iPhone

Security Lockout on iPhone can happen only when you have entered 4-5 times the wrong password. This happens to make sure that no one can unlock your phone and misuse it. When you get a Security Lockout message, your iPhone won’t allow you to enter the password.

This security lockout is necessary to protect your iPhone from an unauthorized person accessing it and misusing it. This is for your safety only. You can disable the security lock on your iPhone, but it is advised to keep it on. Also, there are some benefits and risks in buying an unlocked iPhone.

How to fix the security lockout on iPhone without erasing it?

Let’s talk about the 6 ways to Fix Security Lockout on iPhone. Before proceeding ahead, one should have these requirements (if possible):

  • Connect your device to Cellular Network or WiFi. It is recommended to connect to a Cellular one because your WiFi might get disconnected once you get a security lockout message on your iPhone.
  • Your Apple ID and Password, if you remembered.
  • iOS 15.2 or later

Fix 1 – Using iCloud

Unlocking your security lockout with iCloud is easy. All you have to do is:

  • Open a Web Browser
  • Go to Apple iCloud
  • Sign In using your Apple ID and Password
  • You will get a message to either Erase your phone or reset the Security Lockout (this may be available in the latest versions).
  • You might be required to enter the password again.
  • Wait for a few minutes, after that see if the Security Lockout message has disappeared or not.

Fix 2 – Using iTunes or Finder

This method requires you a Laptop or Pc. If you want to unlock your iPhone, you must have these requirements:

To begin this:

  • Turn Off your iPhone.
  • Connect your iPhone with a lightning cable to your PC.
  • Use the Volume Down button or Side button.
  • Hold the button, till you get a Recovery Mode message.
  • Open iTunes or Finder app on your PC.
  • Go to Restore and Update. And select the Recovery option.
  • Click on the Restore button and wait for a few minutes.
  • Once, you have a backup, unplug your iPhone and Hard reset or Format it.
  • Then, follow the same process to install the backup on your Formatted iPhone.
to restore iphone

Fix 3 – Using Third Party App

There are many Third-Party App which could help in fixing the screen lockout in iPhones. There are many free and paid tools available. But be sure to trust these applications and go through their User reviews. As per our recommendation use Ultfone or drbuho or Tenorshare 4uKey to unlock your screen lock.

These applications may create a System restore point or backup of your iPhone to the cloud or local storage. And after a Factory reset, you may restore these backups to your iPhone.

tenorshare 4ukey to unlock iphone lock

Fix 4 – Using Apple Passcode

You may get an Apple Passcode after successfully Logging into iCloud. From there, you will get a Passcode or recovery code to install the previous backup of your iPhone. Even with this step, you need to Format your iPhone and then restore the backup on your iPhone. This way, you can fix the security lockout on your iPhone.

Fix 5 – Hard Reset or Format

If you forgot your Apple ID or password and cannot log in, nor do you have any backup installed. Simply Format your iPhone, or hard reset it completely. Once you have formatted it, you can use your iPhone again.

erase all content on iphone

But this time make sure to create and login into your Apple account and store a backup of your Personal Data on Apple Cloud.

Fix 6 – Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all the above steps, and still cannot Reset the lock screen. Try contacting Apple Support or Apple Customer Care. They will guide you to fix the Security Lockout on your iPhone.

This iPhone is in a security lockout. You can try in 15 minutes

If you get a message, “This iPhone is in a security lockout. You can try in 15 minutes”. Follow the above methods to fix it. Always make sure that you are connected to the Internet and have a Backup on iTunes or iCloud.

iPhone unavailable/security lockout

Due to security purposes, you may get a message iPhone is unavailable or a security lockout. Make sure to enter the correct password or reset your iPhone. You may try the fixes that have been discussed above. If you are still facing this message, try contacting Apple Support.

How Long does Security Lockout Last on iPhone?

It depends on the iOS version and the number of incorrect password you have entered in a row. If you continue to enter the wrong password. You will get this security lockout message on your iPhone. If your iPhone has a lower version than iOS 15, then after continuing with the wrong password, it can lock permanently.

Security lockout erases iPhone support

If you have tried all the above fixes and still having this issue. Then try formatting or hard resetting your iPhone. This will help you to unlock your iPhone and use it again. If you find this method difficult, try to reach Apple Customer Care.

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