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How to Fix Red Eye on Any photos on iPhones or iPads?

It was a great moment to capture a photo, you took out your iPhone or iPad for a picture. Suddenly you see a red eye on everyone’s face. One might think that this might happen at night, but this happens multiple times and you don’t know why Red Eye is appearing and how to fix the Red Eye issue on any photos on your iPhone or iPad.

You may see a red light generally when a flashlight appears on your face. This may be due to too much light in a room or your iPhone flashlight may have created some glare on the picture. However, there are some workarounds that you should try to fix the issue completely.

There are three ways which we have discussed here:

  • Edit the photos using your iPhone or iPad only.
  • Fix the Red eye issue on photos using Apps on Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Using Online Free Tools to remove the Red Eye on the existing photo, and customize it.

You may use free or paid version apps too, but we have discussed some of the free tools available for the Red Eye issue fix.

To fix the Red Eye issue, make sure that you have turned off the flash of your camera. Or you may retake a picture if possible. However Red Eye may occur without flash also; you may try the below method to fix it completely:

Red Eye fix for iPhone or iPad with Flashlight Turned ON

  • On your iPhone, open your photo app, and click on edit option (Check on the top-right corner of your iPhone).
  • Check if there is an option showing for the red-eye tool. If this option is unavailable, you might have turned off the flash while capturing a picture on your iPhone.
  • On the Top right, click on the eye icon, to turn off the red eye colour from the photo.
tap on red-eye option
How to Fix Red Eye on Any photos on iPhones or iPads? 1

Click on each Red Color eye in the photo. You will also see an instruction to Tap on the photo, where you think the Red Color may have appeared.

  • If you clicked on the wrong side of the image, you will see the message “Red eye not found, try again”. So you can try it out again.
  • After you have done this for one eye, do the same for the other eye.
  • Do the same till you see each eye turned black.

After you have completed, turn on the Done button, in the bottom-right corner, and Save the settings.

Fix Red Eye on without Flashlight Turned ON

If you have turned off the flashlight, you may not see an option for editing the Red light option in the editing toolbar. To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

  • Open your photo app, and the picture. Take a screenshot of it.
  • Press the top or side button and home button at the same time on an iPhone with a home button.
  • Press the side button and volume up buttons simultaneously on an iPhone with Face ID. A thumbnail of your screenshot will show up in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the screenshot, and crop it according to your requirement.
  • Tap on Save to photos, to save the picture in your camera roll.
after editing, click on done to complete
How to Fix Red Eye on Any photos on iPhones or iPads? 2

Now open up the screenshot image, and click on the edit option in the top-right corner.

You may now see an option to enable or disable the red-eye option.

  • Tap on the eye icon, tap on the eye, where you see red colour, and click on it till it turns black.
  • Do the same for other eyes also.
  • Once done, click on the bottom-right done option to save the picture.
  • You now have successfully removed the Red Eye from your iPhone or iPad.

With this method, you can fix the Red eye issues for iPhone 13 or ios 15 or iPhone 12 and even later versions too.

Fix Red eye on iPhone or iPad with Free App

You can fix the red eye issue for your photos using an App called Photo Editor by Aviary. There are other apps too available on PlayStore or Apple Store. But Photo Editor provides you free of cost to edit your pictures with Thousands of Free Templates.

You can even customize your photos with stickers and post them on Instagram or Facebook. This app could edit and remove Red eye from your existing photos. Just use this app to open your Captured image, and edit it freely.

photo editor app
How to Fix Red Eye on Any photos on iPhones or iPads? 3

Fix the Red Eye issue using the Online Web tool

You can edit and fix the Red Eye issues for your photos using a free online tool called Canva or any other tool available. All you have to do is upload your photo, click on the edit option and customize it as per your choice.

canva online photo editing tool
How to Fix Red Eye on Any photos on iPhones or iPads? 4

Once done, you can crop it or even change the image resolution for Instagram or Facebook. Not only Canva, but you can also find many other online free tools that can edit the red-eye picture. You can even convert your multiple photos and make a short movie, and even convert it into mp4 format for iPhone.

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