Key Questions in Mind When Coronavirus Vaccines Trail Begin

The push to develop a vaccine for Coronavirus is increasing with every passing day. Though several institutes and research groups around the world are working on Coronavirus vaccine, there are few questions which are still unanswered. First few dozen of volunteers received the phase one of Coronavirus vaccine. As these trails have already started, there are still many uncertainties about how human immunity system will fight off this dangerous virus.

Answers may be soon available, but the most worrying thing is lack of information which is keeping experts at the edge. Some are also of the belief that if vaccine candidates face health complicacies or worsen, researchers wall be sent back to the drawing board, which means vaccine development will be delayed.

Will people be able to develop immunity?

The purpose of the vaccine is to generate immunity response against any virus or infection, without getting exposed to the pathogen. Researchers believe people who have recovered from the infection will be safe from re-infection for a certain time. But these are only assumptions, no evidence s available as of now.

How long will the developed immunity last for this virus?

This is another unknown question. Coronaviruses that leads to common cold has short-lived immunity. People who have a high level of antibodies against this virus can again become infected. So it’s still unclear how long the developed immunity will last. Lack of necessary data from both SARS and MERS is causing all the problems.


How to be sure that a Coronavirus vaccine will really work?

Vaccines generally go into human trials after successful safety and effective tests in animals. But some of the recent vaccines which are being developed are tested both in animals and humans in the first trial. As its emergency situation, lots of things are carried out in a parallel manner.

key questions in mind when coronavirus vaccines trail begin

Researchers expect as they get more information about the infection from both animal and human studies, they will be in a better place to sense which vaccine will be more effective. It may not be an efficient way to approach but considering the present situation, one best way to speed up the process.

Will the vaccine be safe?

As of now, vaccines are given to all healthy people, but researchers are still unaware of how the coronavirus vaccine will act on patients who are ill. Researchers believe the main concern now is to avoid a situation called disease enhancement. In this phenomenon, if a vaccinated people get infected, there may be a more severe form of the disease compared to the ones who have not been vaccinated. According to SARS vaccine reported, there have been cases of inflammation in livers after virus infection.

As of now, trails have begun for both human and animal. If vaccines are found safe, larger human studies will start. Its desperate times, hence the need of the hour is desperate measures. The risk of not having vaccines by next winter will only worsen the situation, no matter how preventive measures are taken. Hope researchers are moving on to the right direction. Fingers crossed!

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