Facebook Test Hotline, a new Video Support Feature

Facebook Hotline

The hotline is something of a business-oriented website with a few extra features. Following the huge success of Clubhouse, an audio-based social networking site, a slew of businesses has begun developing similar features for their own sites.

Today, Facebook is testing Hotline, a new Q&A-based app that looks like a cross between Clubhouse and Instagram’s Live feature.

The hotline is a brand new application developed by Facebook’s New Product Experiment (NPE) team for hosting large-scale live events. It seems similar to Clubhouse in that it helps developers host audio-based live activities for their fans.

UI and Features

For instance, unlike Clubhouse, Facebook’s Hotline provides both the event host and the listeners with live video assistance. In addition, in order to use the site, users would need to sign in with their Twitter accounts and then check their IDs via SMS.

facebook test hotline, a new clubhouse-like platform with video support feature

When seen on a tablet, the user interface resembles that of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. On tablets, the screen is split into two sections: top (speakers) and bottom (listeners), and on a laptop, left and right. Furthermore, the listener segment is split into two sections: one for those simply listening to the talks and the other for those posing questions.

Listeners will type their questions on the website and get them answered. Other listeners will also see the questions that have been raised at the top of the listener segment and vote up or down on them. The event host will then look up to the segment and choose an appropriate topic to respond to. This is a feature that Clubhouse and other related sites lack.

The event organisers now have total control of the customer interface. This means that hosts will introduce or exclude guests during a live show. They can also summon a user to the “level” area for a private discussion. When guests are taken “on stage,” they are currently portrayed by their profile pictures.

Another notable distinction between Clubhouse and Hotline is that Hotline automatically captures live activities and delivers them to the host as MP3 and MP4 files after the event. After that, the producers will post the recordings or snippets on other social media sites. It’s not something you’ll find in Clubhouse.

facebook test hotline, a new clubhouse-like platform with video support feature

Users from all around the world are now unable to use the hotline. The Facebook NPE team recently began exploring the app, and Nick Huber, a well-known real estate businessman, was the first to do so publicly. Individuals like Huber, who help others improve their technical skills and finances, are the target demographic for Hotline, according to Facebook.

“With Hotline, we’re hoping to understand how interactive, live multimedia Q&As can help people learn from experts in areas like professional skills, just as it helps those experts build their businesses,” said Facebook in a statement.


The app is only available to consumers in the United States as a public beta. It is currently inaccessible in India, as shown by the fact that it is not mentioned on its official website. However, if the platform gains enough traction over time, there’s a good possibility Facebook can deploy Hotline on a global scale.

facebook test hotline, a new clubhouse-like platform with video support feature

In the wake of the current pandemic, it may be a precious platform for practitioners and researchers to communicate with vast crowds from the comfort of their own homes. Keep Visiting Digital Gyan, for more technology news and updates.

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