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Facebook is testing “Green Screen” Filter for Stories

For Facebook Stories, Facebook is experimenting with a new ‘Green Screen’ option. Users will be able to use the new tool to apply a video or still picture as a backdrop to their videos. On Instagram Stories, the same Green Screen effect is available. On Facebook Stories, the Green Screen effect, which is available on Instagram, will be used as a creative tool.

facebook is testing green screen filter for stories

Mamun Billah (via Social Media Today) spotted the latest Facebook Stories feature and posted a screenshot of it on Twitter. Green Screen on Facebook Stories, unlike Instagram Stories, will be available as an editing tool rather than a filter or influence.

By clicking on Green Screen, users can add a picture or video from their phone to the effect and then film themselves against the backdrop. The Green Screen filter is also offered by Instagram, as seen in the screenshot.

It’s a searchable influence on Instagram Stories that people can find by using the title. With the Green Screen effect, you can either take a picture or record a video. TikTok was the first to popularise this filter, and it later made its way to Instagram Stories. Green Screen will also be available to Facebook users as well, which may be a useful platform for content developers.

This functionality is only in beta, and there is no news about whether it will be available to all Facebook users. With this new test, Facebook keeps pushing Facebook Stories, a feature that hasn’t proved to be as popular as Instagram Stories. Facebook is now experimenting with a new revenue model for creators: including advertisements as stickers in posts.

Feature from TikTok to Facebook

The Facebook developers are working on a Stories feature that isn’t specifically inspired by Instagram. Since both systems have had this feature for a long time. Inspired by TikTok’tan. Green Screen, a short video app with a broad fan base ranging from seven to seventy, became one of the social media networks that best used the platform.

facebook is testing green screen filter for stories

Green Screen research is also available on Facebook. However, it is not mentioned in the leak or somewhere else when this breakthrough will be open to all consumers. At the very least, Instagram wants to make it rich for a platform storyboard. Additionally, the company will put advertisements as stickers on stories that work with a feature for this reason.

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