What is e-mail marketing and advantages of it

E-mail marketing is one of the best and ubiquitous methods of retention marketing. In its simplest form, it is an e-mail sent to a customer list that usually contains a sales pitch and a ‘call to action’. This could be as simple as encouraging the customer to click on a hyperlink embedded in the e-mail.

Some examples of e-mail marketing campaigns could include:
• a hotel promoting rooms in a destination that the customer has been browsing online;

• a recruitment company informing business clients about the latest candidates on their books;

• a gadget store offering a money-off code to be used online;

• an automotive brand updating its customers about a new model release.

The important aspect to remember is that these messages are to an audience that has some level of connection with your brand and should be treated differently from any cold campaigns you run through other channels.

You can use e-mail when you don’t have anything specific to the market, as a mechanism to maintain consumer engagement, strengthen brand perception and add credibility to your business. Examples might include:

• an accountancy firm keeping in touch with its clients by informing them about changes in tax legislation;

• a weekly newsletter from a public relations company that contains interesting snippets of industry news and web links to longer articles;

• a daily digest or breaking news alert from an online newspaper, including up-to-the-minute social posts.

Because e-mail is an incredibly cost-efficient communications medium, it can be used to deliver both sales and general brand engagement.

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