Driving Navigation Alternatives

Driving navigation is a system which helps the driver to show the path to reach the destination. Driving navigation could be done via phone calls or GPS systems. Both the navigation systems have their own merits and demerits.

Navigation via phone calls has the advantages of simplicity and low-cost facility. If the driver wants to know the directions via a phone call, then he/she will need to have a friend resided there or at least know the place.

Both the driver and teller should have their phones with available phone network available in the entire area from start to the destination. The teller may know only the destination but not the entire area; hence the driver will have to manage to reach the milestone places shown by the teller by the driver’s own effort.

Navigation via GPS system is high tech system. The driver must need a GPS capable mobile device including the GPS software, and at the same time, he will need a network with sufficient speed in the entire area from the beginning to end. Its main advantage is that the driver will be able to find directions of the entire area in a real-time manner; it will also include traffic information of the roads.

Compiled versus interpreted codes

In a compiled code system, a compiler directly translates the code into machine code of the target machine. The machine code is specific to the processor and operating system of the device; then the system will execute the machine code. It could be faster than the interpreter as it does not need any intermediary program to execute the source code. Its disadvantage is that all the features the device will be able to do, should be set at the manufacturing level.

In an interpreted code system, the program is not directly executed by the target system. Another program does this; this program is called the interpreter. The interpreter is generally written for specific machines. As an example, If there is a “*” symbol in the program code, then at the runtime the interpreter will call the definition of the “*” function, then it would be executed to the machine code.

Its main advantage is that new programs could be developed depending on the interpreter program to equip the device with new features. Its disadvantage is that more memory and faster processors could be needed.


From both the systems, the GPS driving system or the interpreted code can be selected for the purpose of this case. If there are available devices and networks, then the GPS could guide better than a phone call.

A GPS system will also give more information regarding the place, road as well as the environment. It will show the traffic jam on a road so that the driver can choose an alternative road to save time if needed. Via a phone call navigation system, the driver will need to memorize the directions to reach the destination, or he/she will have to ask the teller again.

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