Differences Between the JioFi 2 and JioFi

JioFi 2 vs JioFi – Confused to decide which one to buy between the two?

Differences Between the JioFi 2 and JioFi are as follows

  • The revised variant sports a mere 512 MB LPDDR RAM in comparison to the decent 2 GB LPDDR2 RAM of its predecessor.
  • ROM capacity has also been significantly downgraded in the new model. The original JioFi 2 features 4 GB of NAND storage, while the current JioFi only has 1 GB of NAND memory.
  • The older JioFi 2 has a smaller dimension than the latest one. However, the new model is a bit slimmer with a thickness of 15.2 mm in contrast to 16 mm of the original version.
  • The newer JioFi looks a lot different than its predecessor. While the JioFi 2 has a glossy paint job, the newest one sports a matt finish.
  • Another notable change is seen in the battery department. The 2300mAh cell of the JioFi 2 has been replaced with a 2600mAh unit in the later model. However, the battery performance has actually degraded in the newer one. While the first variant has a rated battery life of 8 hours, in the revised version it is just 5 hours.
  • Speaking of the total number of devices that can be simultaneously connected to the wireless modems, once again, the newer model lacks behind its predecessor. 31 gadgets can concurrently connect to the JioFi 2 via Wi-Fi, while it is just 10 in the latest variant.
  • The Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage are considerably improved in the newest JioFi.

Older JioFi 2 has full-sized Mini-SIM slot whereas the revised version sports a Micro-SIM one. However, Reliance packs in a Micro-SIM to Mini-SIM adapter with the previous model.

Comparison between JioFi 2 and JioFi

1) Packaging: JioFi 3 comes in an attractive glass box.

2) Color: Jiofi 3 is available in nine distinct hues. Jiofi 2 is available in just one colour: black.

3) Battery: The battery capacity of the JioFi 3 is 2600mah. The battery is manufactured in Japan. The capacity of the Jiofi 2 battery is 2300mah. It is manufactured in China.

4) JioFi 2 is manufactured in China, whereas JioFi 3 is manufactured in India.

5) Charger: JioFi 3’s charger is more contemporary and spacious, while JioFi 2’s charger is compact. Ampere is also less. As a result, I believe the JioFi 3 will charge quicker despite its larger battery.

6) SD card: JioFi 3 supports up to 64 GB of storage, whereas JioFi 2 supports up to 32 GB.

7) Display: The JioFi 3 boasts a decent OLED display that continually displays the battery life in colours, as well as the wifi and network speed. Additionally, I observe that the wifi indicator on the Jiofi 2 stays white. It just indicates that you are connected to wifi but does not indicate speed via the use of different colours such as green, blue, and red.

Even the battery colour does not change, which is OK since you can tell by glancing at the bars. Additionally, it is sometimes difficult to determine if the gadget is on or off since the display turns blank after a few moments. The remainder is OK.

8) SIM Slot: The JF2’s SIM slot has the older design, requiring you to lift up to enter the sim. Take caution while inserting and removing the sim. Jf3 sports a more secure SIM slot with a cover that protects both the SIM and the SD card. It’s a small issue, but I felt compelled to mention it since I previously shattered such a slot on my old cheap phone.

9) Price: This is a critical factor. Please read the following carefully. If you purchase Jiofi 3 for 1999, you will have a free chance to pick from four top exclusive plans.

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