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IT professionals are most commonly concerned about ransomware and mobility (BYOD policies), according to a recent StorageCraft survey. Forty-two percent of IT professionals believe that ransomware is the technology that brings the most risk. Another 38 percent are concerned about mobility and BYOD policies, shows the survey. Hardware/system failure and human error are the most common causes of loss of data, according to the poll. Read below to see some eye-opening data loss statistics.

Data Loss Statistics: Ransomware is King

IT pros said they dealt with a variety of issues that cause data loss in the business environment. Most (31%) said that hardware or system failure caused loss of data incidents, and 29% lost data due to human error. Another 29 percent mentioned that viruses, malware or ransomware led to data loss.
When asked about which devices were most likely to fail and cause the loss of data, IT professionals said that laptops are mostly to blame (39%). 26% said they are worried about servers, and another 26% about desktops. Only 4% were concerned about tablets and mobile devices failing and causing loss of data.

Data Loss is a Big Deal

Asked which technologies bring the most risk regarding data loss, IT professionals say that ransomware is their top concern:
42 percent believe ransomware brings the most risk
38 percent are concerned about mobility or BYOD policies in the workplace
9 percent are concerned about social media use

The survey was carried out on 41 IT professionals in January 2017.

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