Data Breaches in 2020: The unwanted

Data is priceless and it belongs solely to the owner. But as we are getting dependent on technology all records or information are getting vulnerable. Online records are today exposed on a daily basis, some of which has devastating consequences. Here we will put light on some of the recent data breaches and hacks in 2020.

Personal Information Exposed

In today’s digital age we are excessively dependent on the internet and that is the reason why personal information is no safer. Data breaches are taking place almost every day, exposes credit card numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and various other sensitive data.

The worst thing about data breach or hack is that not many give importance to this problem. In recent times identity-related crime is increasing and according to a recent study, there is a new victim of identity theft every two seconds across the globe.  What’s more worrying is that about 31% of data breach victims lose their identity. Keep in mind that the number of cases related to data breaches or hacks is so high; this is news of utmost concern.

data breach

One hard truth today is that data breaches are now an inevitable part of human lives. In order to participate in modern society, we register online account unaware of the fact that these centralized databases contain all personal information suffer security breaches.

Its high time for all to realize the risks associated with data breach or hacks, identity management systems are trying their best to protect your data from breaches or hacks. Let’s take a closer look at some of the damages in recent times:

  • Hackers compromised several UN servers recently, but the world body is trying to keep this data breach secret. The size of a data breach is still unclear, but according to insider news health insurance, staff records and commercial contract data were all compromised. The UN is under diplomatic immunity which gives them the power to not reveal those affected and what data was taken. However such data breaches at the UN is not new.
  • Recently Clinical Laboratory named LabCorp suffered data breaches where around 7.7 million records were stolen. The security upgrades made by the company were not good enough to prevent such a massive data breach. Its came to light that at least records of 10,000 patients were exposed, which included names, social security numbers and addresses.
  • Microsoft, one of the software giants didn’t start the year 2020 on a high. Around 250 million Microsoft customer service and support related records starting from 2005 were stolen. According to the Tech Giant, online IP addresses and email addresses of the customers were exposed but according to security breach researchers, it goes beyond that. Microsoft officials claim that all these records were stored on an internet database and it got exposed recently. The top software firm conducted internet investigation, later claim that there was no malicious use.

Its high time for everyone to be aware of these security breaches and authorities to be more careful about data protection or privacy.

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