Are Smartphone Camera Lenses Worth Buying?


It gets said a lot: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That has never rang truer than it does today, in the age of smartphone photography. But while smartphones are more convenient to carry around, DSLRs are still way ahead in versatility due to the wide range of lenses available.

That’s why if you want to avoid lugging around a heavy DSLR but want to get more out of your phone’s camera, you might try adding a smartphone lens to your arsenal.

Between the latest Samsung, Google, and Apple phones, there are some excellent smartphone cameras

8 Smartphone Accessories to Have in Your Car at All Times

Bringing technology in our rides has never been easier, thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integrating your phone into your infotainment system. You probably always your phone with you when driving around.

And just like it’s a good idea to keep some emergency items in your car, you should keep some phone accessories in your car too. From the fun to emergency backups, here are eight items everyone should store in their vehicle.

1. Cell Phone Phone Holder


7 Instagram Alternatives for Smartphone Photographers

With smartphone cameras being so good these days, it seems that everyone’s a photographer now, especially if you follow these tricks to boost your smartphone photography. But some of us take this hobby more seriously than others, and perhaps even make money from smartphone photography.

Whatever kind of smartphone photographer you are, you’re probably on Instagram. But what if you’re bored of everyone’s over-the-top food pics, selfies, and other staged-for-Insta photos? Or you’re just not happy about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and want to get away from everything related to Facebook (who happens to own Instagram)?

Thankfully there are a number of […]