5 Powerful Alternatives to Apple’s AirPort Wi-Fi Router

After years of speculation, Apple has officially announced the discontinuation of its once-popular AirPort Wi-Fi routers.

The news wasn’t exactly a surprise since the AirPort and AirPort Extreme haven’t been updated since 2012 and 2013 respectively. But especially for Apple users, both options provided a number of great features including easy setup in both iOS and macOS.

While Apple will still continue to support the products for some time, many potential buyers are looking elsewhere for a powerful Wi-Fi router. Here are five alternatives to Apple’s AirPort and AirPort Extreme.


4 Reasons to Set Up a VPN on Your Router (Instead of Your PC)


You have a VPN account, and want it to run on all of your devices. Unfortunately the VPN service provider limits you to five concurrent connections. What can you do?

The answer is to set up a VPN on your router. Here’s why you should do that, and what problems you might face.

1. No Need for Individual Device Setup

When you sign up for a VPN, you’ll almost certainly get the option to install it on several devices. You might use this provision to set up the VPN client on a desktop PC, a smartphone, tablet, perhaps a media streaming device (like […]

The Best Home Wi-Fi System On The Market


Our verdict of the AmpliFi HD (High-Density) Home Wi-Fi System:Beautifully designed, easy to use, performant and reliable, the AmpliFi HD has everything you need for no-nonsense home Wi-Fi.1010

With the smorgasbord of networking options on the market, choosing one that ticks all the right boxes can be tedious. Ubiquiti has established themselves as a worthy competitor in the enterprise space, but what about their home AmpliFi HD options? Let’s find out, and at the end of this review, we’ve got a complete AmpliFi HD starter kit to giveaway.

We recently did an overview of Ubiquiti’s UniFi system

What Is a Router and How to Use One: The Beginner’s FAQ

When was the last time you had to deal with the hardware that lets you connect to the internet? A router is one crucial piece in your internet setup.

Let us explain what a router is and give you some basic tips for using it.

What Is a Router?

Routers are the nodes that make up a computer network like the internet. The router you use at home is the central node of your home network.

It functions as an information manager between the internet and all devices that go online (i.e. all devices connected to the router). Generally speaking, routers direct incoming traffic […]