Which Is Best for You?


Picking a podcast app is serious business. With a ton of options available offering loads of features, it can be a hard choice to make.

There are three main features to consider when choosing a podcast app:

How easy is it to discover new shows?
What kind of playback options are available?
How easy is it to create playlists?

We’ve narrowed the selection down to four of the best podcast apps available for both iOS and Android users. Taking a look a the features they offer in all three of these categories, we’re going to figure out which of these apps is right for you:

The […]

How to Create Podcast Playlists That Pull Episodes From Multiple Podcasts

If you’re looking for a way to create a playlist of podcast episodes from multiple podcasts for later listening, there are a couple of ways you can do that in a pretty seamless manner.

How to Build Podcast Playlists Using ListenNotes

Let’s say you’ve spotted an episode of a podcast you know you’ll want to listen to later, you should opt for ListenNotes. This service behaves in the same way that Pocket or Instapaper do for saving articles for later reading