6 Google Photos Alternatives to Use If You’re Tired of Its Shortcomings

Google Photos is one of the best photos apps for smartphones right now. With unlimited storage, smart AI that auto-sorts pictures, and a built-in photo editor, it’s a winner. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Even now, there isn’t a Google Photos for desktop app to save all your pictures offline on your computer. While […]

Snap Launches Spectacles 2.0 for Snapchat Addicts

In 2016, Snap Inc. launched Spectacles Snapchat Unveils Spectacles That Shoot Video Snapchat Unveils Spectacles That Shoot Video Snapchat has changed its name to Snap, and unveiled its new video-enabled sunglasses called Spectacles. Read More . These Spectacles from Snap, formerly known as Snapchat, were sunglasses capable of shooting video. Snap hoped Spectacles would take […]

The 3 Best Ways to Scan Your Old Photos (And Why You Should)

Are you staring down at boxes in your attic filled with old photos? The memories are priceless, but the practical aspects of keeping, maintaining, and sorting through old photo albums can be daunting. Thankfully there are a number of great solutions out there for digitizing prints. But what’s the best way to scan old photos? […]

How to Take Perfect Noise-Free Photos Every Time

Image noise is a problem every photographer has to deal with. Those tiny dots of color or grain can spoil even the most perfectly composed image, and sometimes it seems unavoidable. So what can you do? Whether you want to fix it in-camera, or are happy to dive into Lightroom or Photoshop, there are several […]

5 iPhone Camera Apps That Recreate the Feeling of Shooting Film

For many of us, the blemishes and imperfections that come with shooting film are a distant memory. While the fundamentals of shutter speed and aperture setting persist, the process of shooting and sharing an image has changed massively. It makes sense, then, that there exists a subset of camera apps designed to recreate the experience […]

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Mirrorless Camera

Digital SLRs are dead, long live the mirrorless camera! Now I’ve got your attention, there really are some benefits to choosing a mirrorless camera over a DSLR. Mirrorless cameras are smaller, better at video, and more affordably priced. They also pack in pro-level features, best-in-class performance, and have been designed alongside a new breed of […]

How and Why to Use Vintage Lenses on Modern Cameras

The digital camera industry is finally experiencing growth after many years in decline. People are buying cameras again, probably down to the increasingly popular mirrorless options from the likes of Sony and Panasonic which deliver excellent hybrid video and photo performance for the money. Money is often a problem for budding photographers. The best lenses […]

How to Use Lightroom Presets and LUTs in Adobe Premiere

A tip you’ll find in most articles about being successful on Instagram is to be consistent. This consistency can help you build a following, and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve. If you’re looking to post consistent-looking photos and videos, all you need is a pair of Adobe programs along with a third-party app called LUT […]

7 Simple Ways to Instantly Boost Your Photography Skills

The best way to improve your photography skills is to practice. But it’s not the only way. In fact, there are quite a few things you can do to boost your skills in 10 minutes or less. Nothing can replace taking lots of photos and learning to self-critique them A Brief Guide To Critiquing Your […]

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