3 Easy Ways to Convert Webpages Into PDFs

Most people know how to save print-friendly versions of web pages for easier reading. They often exclude many of the images and advertisements to save printing time and ink. But what about converting a webpage into a PDF? If you want to save a webpage to read later when you’re offline, there are a few methods you can use. Here are several ways to turn web pages into PDFs.:

1. Convert to PDF via Print Page in Browser

Some browsers allow saving a webpage as a PDF. You only need to go through some of the steps typically necessary to print what […]

How to Convert a PDF to PowerPoint Presentation

PDFs are one of the most-used file formats in the world. However, they don’t readily lend themselves to being used in PowerPoint presentations.

Of course, it’s unlikely you’d want to turn a 100-page academic paper into a slideshow, but PDFs aren’t only used for text. Plenty of graphs, charts, and images are also distributed in the PDF format.

So, if you have an informative PDF file that you’d love to turn into a presentation, keep reading. We’re going to show you how to convert a PDF to a PowerPoint file, then offer a few formatting tips that’ll help to make it shine.

How […]

How to Convert Color PDFs to Black-and-White With Preview on Mac

Color PDF documents are generally great, but may not serve your purpose when you just want black-and-white printouts to save on printer ink. Fortunately, macOS High Sierra and the wonderfully versatile Preview app can convert colored PDFs to black-and-white document with a few clicks.

But there’s a small bug you’ll have to deal with until Apple updates the Preview app and fixes the glitch.

How to Convert Color PDFs to Black-and-White

Thanks to a bug in Preview, there’s an extra step you’ll have to take when converting a color PDF to black-and-white or gray tone: first convert the PDF to JPEG in Preview, […]

The Best Free and Paid PDF Editors for Mac

PDF is a familiar file format for most people. Adobe first introduced it in 1993, and later standardized it in 2008 to allow anyone to create PDF files and the tools necessary to do so.

These days there are too many PDF editors to choose from, and they all seem to do the same task. Most of them aren’t worth your time, but it’s also quite difficult to get much done for free.

So here are our top picks for editing and creating PDFs on your Mac.

How to Print to PDF in macOS

Your Mac can create PDFs natively, which means just about […]