The Best Way to Lock Your Android Phone

With the amount of personal data we keep on our phones, security is essential. Android phones are encrypted by default, and provide multiple methods for locking and unlocking them. Some are more secure, while others more convenient to use.

So what’s the best way to unlock your Android phone? Let’s take a look.


Pros: A strong password is very secure.
Cons: Not convenient to type many times each day.
When to use it: When you need the highest level of security.

For all its faults, the password is still the most secure way of locking your phone. A strong password—or better yet, a passphrase

How to View and Recover Your Microsoft Outlook Password


Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients around, regularly ranking among the top clients. It’s only beaten by Apple’s integrated mail solution and Gmail for global email opens. Most people use Outlook at some time in their lives.

Given those millions of users, it is understandable that at some point, someone will forget their Outlook password. And in those moments, you need a tool that can retrieve the password while keeping your data intact.

Here are three tools to help with Outlook password recovery. But first, we need to understand the difference between PST and OST files and how […]

How to Change Your Facebook Password

When was the last time you changed your Facebook password? Although there are pros and cons of changing your password too frequently, using the same password as when you created your account eight years ago is definitely not best practice.

Let’s try another one. In addition to Facebook, how many other sites, accounts, and web portals share the same password? Again, if you answered anything more than “zero,” you’re not following the advice of security experts.

Whether you’ve been hacked, you’re worried about getting hacked, or you just want to boost your online security, now could be a good time to change […]