5 Private Things Websites Learn About You Without Your Knowledge


Browsing the internet seems like such an innocent activity, doesn’t it? You search Google, visit a few websites, and read interesting information. Would you be surprised to know that websites are collecting lots of information about you as you read?

The following five things websites can learn about you when you visit may shock you. In every case, you should understand what your browser is sharing with the owners of those sites, and how you can prevent it.

1. Where You Live

One of the easiest pieces of information a website can learn about you, is where you live. This is because the […]

How to Check If Your Online Accounts Have Been Hacked

The protection of personal data and information is often the spotlight thanks to incidents like the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. But most information leaks are not due to companies willingly selling your data. Rather, they are the result of breaches and hacks.

To make matters worse, you often only hear about these data breaches years later. Luckily, there are several online tools that can help you determine whether your accounts are secure. Here are a few of the best tools to check whether your online accounts have been hacked or compromised.

Have I Been Pwned is one of the best ways […]

How to View and Delete Your Location History in Google Maps

It can be quite jarring to see just how much location information we’re happily sharing with Google. Google’s Timeline feature makes it easy to see all this information at a glance, as well as turn off location-saving features and download a copy of all your Maps data.

How to See Saved Location Data in Google Maps

To see all your saved Google trips on a map imported from your phone, open up the Google Maps Timeline .

You can also reach the Timeline by going to Google Maps while logged in, click the Menu button > Your Timeline.

Here you’ll see plenty of information on where you’ve been: you […]

Facebook Is Spying on Your Messenger Chats

To the surprise of some, Facebook has admitted spying on Messenger chats. While the social network maintains Messenger conversations are private, automated tools scan the contents, and if someone reports a message for violating community standards, human employees may review them.

Facebook has been in the news of late, and not for positive reasons. The company has found itself embroiled in a scandal


How to Limit Your Data Being Shared With Third Parties

By now you’ve probably heard that UK-based company Cambridge Analytica reportedly harvested 50 million Facebook profiles and used that data to build software that targets and influences voters.

Cambridge Analytica was able to access the data of millions of users through an app that was used by just a few hundred thousand people. Because Facebook allows apps to access the data of not only those who grant access, but also data shared by their friends, Cambridge Analytica was able to harvest so much more information than they normally would’ve been able to.

The privacy settings