How to Clear the System and Internet Caches on a Mac

It’s normal for macOS to use some of your hard drive space for everyday operations. Your web browser constantly downloads new data, which it retains to speed up future browsing sessions. Applications like video editors and iTunes keep a media cache of exported files and album artwork.

It’s amazing just how much free space you can reclaim by deleting junk files, provided you know where to look. There’s also good reason to approach this reclamation of drive space with caution.

Today we’ll look at why and how to clear caches on macOS, as well as a few apps that make it super […]

8 Awesome Apps That Should Be Preloaded on Mac

Your Mac comes with a ton of great tools that let you accomplish most common tasks without having to install more software. Some of them aren’t great, but they do the job.

Then there are other areas where Apple hasn’t gone far enough, or has avoided entirely. You could make a good case for Apple never including any of these tools (or copies thereof), since they all do the job just fine.

But for the purposes of the title that landed you on this page, here are 8 apps we’d love to see built into Mac.

1. KnockKnock

You can manage your Mac’s startup […]

Replace Finder on Your Mac With One of These 3 Apps

If you aren’t impressed with your Mac’s Finder app, why not replace it? But before you do, give Finder one last chance and see if you can improve it with a few tweaks:

If those don’t solve your Finder frustrations, try these three awesome Finder alternatives that we’ve rounded up. None of these apps require turning off System Integrity Protection, because disabling SIP is a bad idea