6 Apps to Customize Your Mac’s Keyboard Behavior


Do you want your Mac’s function keys back? Does the Caps Lock key seem like a waste of space? Would you rather put the unused right Shift key to better use?

If you’re looking for a way to customize basic keyboard behavior, add new shortcuts, remap keystrokes, or navigate quickly without reaching for your mouse, you can do it all with a few (mostly free) apps.

1. Karabiner-Elements

Previously known as “keyremap4macbook” and just “Karabiner” before that, Karabiner-Elements has been rebuilt for scratch specifically for macOS Sierra and above.

You can use it remap your entire keyboard, whether it’s a MacBook, Magic Keyboard, or […]

Protect Your Mac With 8 Free Security Tools by Objective-See

Security tools are a necessary evil in the face of a growing Mac malware threat. Fortunately you can protect yourself and restore peace of mind with the right tools, like Objecive-See‘s bounty of freebies.

The project is the brainchild of Patrick Wardle, a security researcher who created a range of tools to secure his own computer. He’s since released them all for free, and maintains a repository of known Mac malware for research and educational purposes.

Let’s take a look at the lineup and how you can use these tools to better protect your Mac.

1. Do Not Disturb

What It Does: Get alerts […]

7 Font Book Tips for Managing Your Mac’s Fonts

As a Mac user you should become familiar with some simple macOS routines. Previewing and installing downloaded fonts is one of them, and it’s easy as can be.

Just double-click on a macOS-compatible font in Finder to preview it. Then press the Install Font button in the preview to install it in Font Book.

But is that all you can do with the native font management application on macOS? Not at all. We’re here to show you what else is possible with seven handy tips for managing fonts on Mac.

1. Create Libraries and Collections

If you collect fonts, or plan to, it’s a […]

These 7 Cleanup Tips Make It Bearable Again

Back in the 2000s, iTunes was the premier app for playing and managing your music. It was lightweight, fast, and offered a range of features that were previously unheard of in common music software. Even steadfast Windows users downloaded the app in droves.

But over the course of the last decade, the app has been knocked off its perch. Apple has progressively attempted to transform it into a catch-all program for every type of multimedia.

Today, iTunes a bloated mess. Most people wouldn’t include it in their list of best music players.

But the situation is recoverable. Of course, much of the onus […]