How to Sync or Share Your Kodi Media Library on Multiple Devices


One area where Kodi lags behind Plex is in how easy it is to share your media library on multiple devices. On Plex, the process is as simple as installing the appropriate app and entering your password. On Kodi, the process is much more convoluted. But, thankfully, convoluted doesn’t mean impossible.

There are actually two ways to sync or share your Kodi media library on multiple devices. You can either use Emby (the easy way) or MySQL (the hard way). In this article, we explain the easy way—because, well, why would you ever choose the more difficult option?

Using Emby to Sync […]

How to Uninstall Kodi Repos

Kodi repos are the bane of many users’ lives. It’s almost impossible to stay abreast of which are working, which have been depreciated, and which pose a security risk.

The problem has recently become much more prevalent thanks to the ongoing crackdown on TV Addons. For those who don’t know, the website—which had its own repo—has been accused of providing copyrighted material illegally. It’s now the subject of two lawsuits in two countries.

As a result of the crackdown, many other repos and addons closed down voluntarily in a bid to avoid similar prosecutions. The mass closure prompted us to write about […]

13 Kodi Repos You Need to Uninstall and Why

In mid-2017, several long-standing Kodi repos vanished forever.

The problems all began with the attack on TVAddons; the company is the subject of two separate lawsuits in two different countries. As a result of the lawsuits, several other repo operators and add-on developers stopped working on their own projects for fear of prosecution.

So many repos were abandoned in such a short space of time that it was impossible for all but the most dedicated users to stay abreast of what was working and what wasn’t. And as any long-term Kodi user knows, keeping abandoned repos on your app is a recipe […]

How to Turn Any Linux PC Into a Kodi-Based HTPC With Kodibuntu

Kodi is a massively popular open-source home theater PC (HTPC) media center. It’s available as an app for many operating systems and devices, as well as a standalone operating system (OS). Notably, the Raspberry Pi boasts a slew of standalone Kodi OSes.

While it’s available on Linux as an application, Kodibuntu is an awesome way to create a Linux-based Kodi media center. Learn how to use Kodibuntu to turn any Linux PC into a HTPC


How to Install Kodi on Raspbian

You want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a media center, but you also need it for other tasks? Perhaps you’re using your Pi for programming, or playing Minecraft. It might have a role as a general project machine, meaning you need regular access to Raspbian.

One solution to this might be to keep several microSD cards at hand, each with different operating systems installed. You might have one with Raspbian ready to run, another with a retro gaming distro, and a third with OSMC, openELEC, or LibreELEC. These are the three Kodi-based Raspberry Pi distributions, and the most common solutions. […]