9 Important Tweaks to Make When You Get a New iPhone

Whenever you get a new device, there’s a lot to do to get it working just right. We’ve shown you what you should do with a new Mac, but what about a new iPhone?

Let’s discuss some tweaks that all new iPhone owners should make.

1. Set Up Touch ID

Your iPhone should walk you through setting up Touch ID when you go through the initialization process. But if you didn’t do it for some reason or want to make tweaks, you should visit its settings.

Head to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. You’ll need to enter your passcode to enter these options. […]

How to Force Restart an iPhone and Enter Recovery Mode

There are now two distinct families of iPhone, and two different ways of performing some of the most basic tasks. Inputs like taking a screenshot or restarting your device are a bit different on the latest models.

In 2016 Apple dropped the mechanical home button in favor of a capacitive touch panel instead. Less moving parts means a more reliable device, but since the new iPhone home button relies on software, it’s no longer used to hard reset your device.

So let’s look at how to force restart each iPhone, and how to enter recovery mode to reinstall iOS.

Jump to your device:

Force […]