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How to Change the Alarm Volume On Your Google Home

If you want to adjust the volume on your Google Home, you can just swipe along the touch-sensitive top of the device to turn the volume up or down. However, alarms use a different volume level. To adjust that, you’ll need to open up the Google Home app on your phone. Alarm …

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Getting started with Google AdSense

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is either the greatest thing since peanut butter, or evil incarnate, depending on whom you listen to! Personally, I like AdSense. It allows me to earn money from sites that just sat there waiting for me to put in some method for charging people previously. I can write whatever I feel inspired …

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5 Alternative New Browsers to Replace Chrome

Browsers are the windows to the world wide web. Google Chrome rules the roost today, but a few new challengers might fit your needs better.For all its great features, Chrome hogs system memory and drains the battery. But that huge collection of extensions, and exclusive features like Translate and Google …

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What is the Google Advanced Protection Program?

Google’s Advanced Protection Program relies in part on physical security keys — which you’ll need to purchase.   Google It’s natural to be feeling a little nervous about online security these days, what with nonstop reports of new ransomware, password thefts, Equifax breaches and Wi-Fi vulnerabilities (namely KRACK). There’s another …

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How to get the Material Design Google Calendar right now

Back in 2014, Google announced a shiny, new design language called Material Design that sought to unify the design and user experience across mobile, desktop and the web. For over three years now, Google has slowly been updating its products and services with newer, cleaner interfaces. YouTube got a long overdue facelift back in …

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How to change your Google Home’s voice

Companies like Apple, Amazon and Google go to great lengths to make their digital assistants sound as human as possible. Sure, they’re still rather robotic, but at least you get some semblance of a conversation with something that’s semi-intelligent, even if it’s clearly artificial. Making a digital assistant sound somewhat human …

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