Explore the World’s Natural Wonders With Google Earth’s Geography Quiz


Remember when Google Earth Pro used to cost a mind-boggling $400? Google now offers it for free, turning an already beloved product into our go-to method for learning more about Earth and its geographic treasures.

If you love geography and the wonders of the world, then take this opportunity to explore the world from your armchair. Tucked away inside Google Earth is a wonderful little geography quiz in partnership with Atlas Obscura.

Google Earth’s Geography Quiz

The Natural Wonders Quiz on Google Earth is a multiple-choice challenge that will ask you to identify special locations around the world. As the Google Earth blog […]

Equip Yourself for the Fastest Growing Freelance Jobs With These 5 Skills

We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is already being stoked by a mixed bag of technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, the blockchain, and quantum computing. But there’s another disruption happening below the waves: the rise of the freelancer.

The Freelancing in America Survey from October 2017 said more than half of the American population will be working away from cubicles in 10 years. And the best time to prepare for the future? Today.

The five courses below will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to take advantage of the fastest growing freelance jobs that are opening up right now.

Total […]