Are Smartphone Camera Lenses Worth Buying?


It gets said a lot: “The best camera is the one you have with you.” That has never rang truer than it does today, in the age of smartphone photography. But while smartphones are more convenient to carry around, DSLRs are still way ahead in versatility due to the wide range of lenses available.

That’s why if you want to avoid lugging around a heavy DSLR but want to get more out of your phone’s camera, you might try adding a smartphone lens to your arsenal.

Between the latest Samsung, Google, and Apple phones, there are some excellent smartphone cameras

7 Techniques to Help You Start Learning Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop is the doorway to many careers. Graphic design and photography being the most common. Front-end developers and production assistants can also go far with their Photoshop skills. But how do you learn and master Photoshop skills?

The simplest answer is in that old piece of wisdom, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Yes, it’s a starting point but it could also lead you astray down a few rabbit holes. Since everyone has to begin somewhere, let’s look at a few ideas that will help you learn Photoshop without getting overwhelmed in the process.

1. Learn the […]

How to Make a YouTube Intro (And 4 Free Tools to Start Using)

If you watch some of the most popular YouTube channels, you’ve probably noticed that most of them have good intros that are engaging and in line with their brands. And if you have been thinking of starting your YouTube channel, you’re going to need to make YouTube intros too.

The good news is it’s not that difficult. Even better, we have written a whole article telling you what makes a good intro. We will also introduce you to a few free tools that will help you create your own YouTube intro when it comes time to do so.

Examples of Great YouTube […]

7 Instagram Alternatives for Smartphone Photographers

With smartphone cameras being so good these days, it seems that everyone’s a photographer now, especially if you follow these tricks to boost your smartphone photography. But some of us take this hobby more seriously than others, and perhaps even make money from smartphone photography.

Whatever kind of smartphone photographer you are, you’re probably on Instagram. But what if you’re bored of everyone’s over-the-top food pics, selfies, and other staged-for-Insta photos? Or you’re just not happy about Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and want to get away from everything related to Facebook (who happens to own Instagram)?

Thankfully there are a number of […]

8 Adobe Illustrator Tips to Help You Design Faster

Adobe Illustrator is the best program for graphic design work; for pros and amateurs alike. But it’s so powerful it can be a pretty overwhelming experience. There’s so many things to do, and so many ways to do them, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The good news is that Illustrator has plenty of ways to simplify—or even automate—tasks that could otherwise be quite complex.

Here are several essential Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks that will help you design faster than ever.

1. Apply Multiple Strokes to an Object

Adobe Illustrator is a program that is built around vector objects that have a […]

The 3 Best Ways to Scan Your Old Photos (And Why You Should)

Are you staring down at boxes in your attic filled with old photos? The memories are priceless, but the practical aspects of keeping, maintaining, and sorting through old photo albums can be daunting.

Thankfully there are a number of great solutions out there for digitizing prints. But what’s the best way to scan old photos? Well that depends on the number of old photos you have, your budget, what you intend to do with the photos, and how much free time you have.

Why You Should Scan Old Photos

Taking the time to turn your treasured physical photographs into digital copies isn’t as […]

5 Trippy Glitch Art Apps for Your iPhone

Small visual defects, known as glitches, are a common phenomena in our increasingly technology-reliant world. They generally occur as a result of a hardware problem or data corruption, but you’ll find similar effects all over the media in movies, TV shows, music videos, and advertising.

But you don’t need to data mosh your video files anymore. There now exists an entire subgenre of apps designed to distort your photos, videos, and GIFs. Many of them even work in real-time.

There are some big names attached to these apps. Musicians like Gorillaz, The Glitch Mob, and Pharrel Williams have incorporated them into their […]

6 Monetization Tactics Used by Pros

YouTube has evolved into a platform that provides many content creators with careers. If you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel, you’ve probably wondered how you can earn an income from it.

The truth is not many peopl will earn millions of dollars on YouTube

These YouTubers Are Earning Millions: What’s Their Secret?

How to Take Perfect Noise-Free Photos Every Time

Image noise is a problem every photographer has to deal with. Those tiny dots of color or grain can spoil even the most perfectly composed image, and sometimes it seems unavoidable.

So what can you do?

Whether you want to fix it in-camera, or are happy to dive into Lightroom or Photoshop, there are several things you can do to eliminate noise. And that will help you take sharper photos.

Read on for a noise-free future.

1. Shoot at Low ISO

Noise is most commonly introduced into a photo when the camera sensor’s sensitivity is pushed beyond a level its capable of handling. This happens […]

Renew Your Stale Creativity With the 100 Day Project

Doing something creative every day for a month, for 100 days, or even for a whole year has a ton of benefits. It’s a great way to hone a skill and even has the potential to create side income. The 100 Day Project is currently underway, with a ton of highly engaged people sharing their creations on Instagram.

What Is the 100 Day Project?

The 100 Day Project is an online project created by Elle Luna and Lindsey Jean Thomas, but is actually based on a concept created by celebrated graphic designer Michael Bierut as a workshop at Yale.

He describes the project like […]

5 iPhone Camera Apps That Recreate the Feeling of Shooting Film

For many of us, the blemishes and imperfections that come with shooting film are a distant memory. While the fundamentals of shutter speed and aperture setting persist, the process of shooting and sharing an image has changed massively.

It makes sense, then, that there exists a subset of camera apps designed to recreate the experience of shooting film. Here are five of the best.

1. Huji Cam

Huji Cam is a faithful recreation of a disposable camera from 1998, right down to the date stamped on your images. Film simulation is fairly convincing, with light leak effects, color fringing, and an overall contrasty […]