How to Recover Your PC Using an Android Device


Your PC’s operating system crashed, and the only chance of recovery is an ISO file flashed to a USB stick.

But if you don’t have a spare PC to create installation media with, don’t worry. Android has you covered. Here’s how to recover your PC using your phone or tablet.

Your PC Is Toast: What Now?

We’ve all been there: your PC won’t load. Perhaps the operating system was compromised by a virus, or the hard disk is failing and needs replaced. There’s data you need to recover, but you have no way to burn a recovery disk.

You may think your PC is […]

10 Ways to Supercharge Your Chrome Browser on Android

Chrome for Android is fast and easy to use. Even though you can’t run extensions in Chrome’s mobile app, you can tweak a lot of settings to make it work just the way you want.

Today we’ll cover some more advanced, lesser-known tips for using Chrome on Android.

1. Access Experimental Features in Chrome

Just like on Windows, Mac, and Linux, there are experimental features