Benefits And Importance Of Bhujangasana


Bhujangasana is known as the snake or cobras pose because it reflects the look of a raised hood. As you raise your head along with your chest, it represents a snake hood. The rest of the body lies down, representing the snake’s body. This asana can be one of the best asanas for your back and your spine.

Inhaling and exhaling play an essential part in this or any other asanas. Bending and stretching of your back may differ between individuals as some have their youth to help, whereas some manage even without that. It all depends on how flexible your body is and how much can you bend, make the utmost use of your asana.

bhjanga aasna

As long as your back is flexible, you still have a long way to go. Every muscle of your body is pulled and stretched, giving elasticity and suppleness to your backbone. With the passing of age, our back starts throwing tantrums and becomes very stiff against our wishes. Before any such thing happens, tone your body and other parts of your body by doing this asana.

By stretching, it tones the spinal column, which reflects your back, and with the extra pull, entire abdominal muscles get toned too. Torpid muscles like uterine muscles and ovaries get toned too while doing this asana. It is one of the best asanas, which serves as a medicine for wet dreams and leucorrhoea. It also helps develop your chest and firm the bust due to the raising hood position.

This position helps create the necessary pressure on the adrenal glands, providing a rich blood supply for the entire body. The liver and other organs next to it also benefits from this asana. Problems of irregular menstrual cycles can be solved with this asana.

The pressure applied to your stomach and muscles helps relieve you from constipation problems. Acute gas troubles are also resolved if the asana is done regularly. People suffering from slipped disc problems gain from stretching the spinal column, giving it a proper toning. Your backache problems may leave you forever if you do this continuously.

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