Battlegrounds Mobile India Launched Officially Play Store. Redeem Rewards

In India, Battlegrounds Mobile has been released Officially. The beta edition of the PUBG Mobile alternative was made accessible to pre-registered players in May. The Battlegrounds Mobile India official edition is now available for download on the Google Play Store, according to the creators Krafton.

Users who already have the early access version of the app may upgrade it to receive the official Battlegrounds Mobile India edition. The game is currently only accessible for Android smartphone users. The Battlegrounds Mobile India APK does not need to be downloaded from third-party stores.

This also implies that iPhone users will have to wait till Krafton releases an iOS app for Battlegrounds Mobile India. We may anticipate an official statement on the subject in the near future.

Meanwhile, Android users who have downloaded the early access version of the app may upgrade it by going to the app’s Play Store page. Once downloaded, go to the in-game events section to get the Constable Set (permanent), which is a prize for 10 million downloads. The deadline for collecting the ‘India ka Battlegrounds’ gift award, as well as the 1 million and 5 million downloads rewards, has been extended till August 19.

battlegrounds mobile india

With a few exceptions, the game is quite identical to PUBG Mobile. According to first impressions, there aren’t many modifications in the new game, and those that have been made are mostly aesthetic, such as green blood and fully dressed characters.

One of the more aggravating modifications appears to be the new “Gameplay Management System,” which will constantly remind you to maintain your health and provide suggestions on staying hydrated, among other things. If you are over the age of 18, you may turn off these messages.

You may even transfer your data from PUBG Mobile to the new game and continue playing afterward, according to Krafton. The information will be safely kept on Krafton’s servers in Singapore. BGMI is said to be transferring data to Tencent servers in China, according to earlier reports. Krafton, on the other hand, was fast to respond, issuing a minor update that resolves the problem of transmitting and receiving data from China.

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